Kids Code Coalition Parents Recognized for Leadership Taking on Big Tech



Mobilized Parents Driving Success of Kids Safety & Privacy by-Design Legislation

Across the country, Kids Code Coalition parent advocates are gaining recognition for their success breaking through Big Tech’s logjam on meaningful action to protect kids, as well as their fundamental contributions to building public support for safety- and privacy-by-design legislation.

Here’s how parents are making a difference:

NOTUS: Parents Have Become the Most Powerful Political Voice Taking On Big Tech

“It has felt very much like the modern-day MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) where these parents are sounding the alarm in grief.” – Shelby Knox

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Her son bought a fake pill via Snapchat. Fentanyl killed him. Now, Hastings mom is on a mission.

“It’s always been about Snapchat making changes … they could stop this. Overseas they have strict rules. This is the biggest open-air drug market there is.” – Bridgette Norring

NBC 4 Washington: Family who lost son to TikTok challenge celebrates Maryland Kids Code Bill

“It was a very proud moment that they realized putting kids’ safety ahead of profit is what we needed to do.” – Todd Minor Sr.

KARE 11: Push to make internet safer for kids

“I held off on allowing my daughter to have a phone. I monitored her social media. I did everything I was supposed to do, and she still was not safe.” – Shama Tolbert

WTOP: 12 years after losing her daughter to suicide, Md. woman still working to protect kids from dangers of social media

“When Grace died in 2012, cyberbullying was like a new word for everybody … (now there’s) a groundswell of better understanding of what’s going on out there.” – Christine McComas

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