Kids Code Coalition Applauds Unanimous Floor Votes in Vermont Senate, Maryland House & Senate



Momentum for Privacy and Safety by Design Legislation Grows as Young People, Parents & Communities Mobilize for Action

MONTPELIER, VT – The national Kids Code Coalition applauded unanimous votes taken by three state legislative chambers over the past week in favor of Kids Code bills based on the age-appropriate design code model. Vermont’s Senate passed its bill today by a unanimous 27-0 vote, and Maryland’s House and Senate passed their bills last Thursday with unanimous voice votes.

“This week’s historic votes represent a new high-water mark in states’ national leadership protecting young people’s safety and privacy online. Far too many children and teens across the country have suffered and continue to struggle because of reckless choices made by profit-seeking companies and platforms. This week parents, families and legislators in Maryland and Vermont showed the courage to reject Big Tech’s delays and excuses in favor of bold action. We applaud the leadership of the state legislators who have championed these bills through their respective chambers – Sen. Kesha Ram Hinsdale (VT), Sen. Ben Kramer (MD), and Delegates Jared Solomon and C.T. Wilson (MD) – and look forward to seeing further action on Kids Code bills in states including Minnesota during the coming weeks,” said Kids Code Coalition spokesperson Nichole Rocha.


Bipartisan lawmakers have championed design-centered Kids Code bills across the country this year in states including IllinoisMarylandMinnesotaNew MexicoSouth Carolina and Vermont.

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